There is a live example of the courage and commitment of the men and women who have served in the US military right in the middle of Midwest City, Oklahoma. The 45th Infantry Division Museum, also known as the “45th Museum,” is a historical landmark that preserves the courage and sacrifices of individuals who have proudly wore the uniform.

A Lengthy History

The “Thunderbird Division,” also known as the 45th Infantry Division, has a colorful past that dates back to World War I. This division, which was established in 1923, has been instrumental in many wars, including World War II, the Korean War, and the Global War on Terror. By displaying the accomplishments of the division and the valiant individuals who have served in its ranks, the 45th Museum acts as a steward of this rich legacy.

A Continuous Record of Courage

The museum is a dynamic and interactive experience that takes visitors through time, not just a static collection of items. The vast assortment of military gear, weaponry, uniforms, and personal objects in its collection clearly depict the struggles faced by troops throughout history. Multimedia exhibits, oral histories, and dioramas that bring the stories of people who served to life complement these items.

The Korean War Exhibition

The Korean War Gallery, a comprehensive and immersive display that honors the 45th Infantry Division’s service during the Korean War, is one of the museum’s most noteworthy attractions. Visitors can examine the difficult terrain and difficult circumstances the soldiers encountered, developing a profound respect for the sacrifices made on the Korean Peninsula.

Room for the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor Room is one of the museum’s most moving and revered sections. These are the accounts of people who were given our country’s highest military distinction. The honorees and their comrades in arms demonstrated great bravery and selflessness, and these tales serve as a sobering reminder of that fact.

Educational Engagement

The 45th Infantry Division Museum serves as both a historical archive and a center for community outreach and education. The museum provides a variety of educational programs designed to interest schoolchildren, military personnel, and the general public. These events include lectures, hands-on activities, and guided tours that bring history to life and help participants gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who have served.

A Center for Thought and Remembrance

Beyond its instructional programs, the museum serves as a space of contemplation and remembrance. Visitors can pay their respects to the men and women who have protected our country at this sanctuary. The museum’s peaceful memorial garden offers a pleasant location for reflection and recollection while also inspiring feelings of comfort and thankfulness.

Events and Community Engagement

The 45th Infantry Division Museum interacts frequently with the neighborhood. It holds a range of occasions all year long, such as Veterans Day services, Memorial Day celebrations, and unique exhibits. These events give the neighborhood a chance to join together, show its support, and pay tribute to the veterans’ contributions.

The Service Legacy Lives On

The 45th Infantry Division’s legacy and commitment to service still exist today, which is one of the museum’s most potent themes. The Oklahoma Army National Guard, which proudly bears the Thunderbird banner forward, carries on the division’s heritage and traditions. The following generation of warriors and people are inspired by this lasting legacy.

Volunteering and Assistance

The mission of the 45th Infantry Division Museum is carried out with the help of the community and the commitment of volunteers. Veterans, historians, and enthusiasts from the community volunteer their time and skills to help with exhibits, educational initiatives, and museum operations. Their dedication guarantees that the tales of bravery and selflessness are remembered and passed on to subsequent generations.


More than just a museum, the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Midwest City, Oklahoma, honors the bravery and sacrifices of those who have served our country. The experiences of the troops are conveyed there with respect and honesty, bringing history to life. It is a repository of the human spirit, tenacity, and passion rather than simply an artifact collection. The 45th Infantry Division Museum welcomes you to put yourself in the shoes of those who have served and follow in the footsteps of heroes, whether you are a veteran, an eager learner, or just someone looking to develop a greater understanding of our country’s history. It is a location where the Thunderbird Division’s enduring heritage is treasured, acknowledged in the present, and inspired in the future.

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