Midwest City, Oklahoma, is a city that embraces the future while fervently preserving its past. The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum, a hidden jewel that transports visitors on an enthralling journey through history, is at the center of this philosophy. This special museum is more than just a repository for items; it serves as a window into the past and a reflection of the pioneering spirit that characterized Oklahoma’s early days.

Live Time Capsule

The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum is a living time capsule that immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and tales of a bygone age rather than just being a location where history is preserved. The museum is housed in a painstakingly restored drugstore from the early 20th century, complete with its original fittings, furniture, and antique medical equipment.

Keeping History Alive

The preservation of history is one of the museum’s main goals. When tourists enter, they are immediately taken back to a time when Oklahoman life was characterized by its frontier spirit. The objects, records, and photos in the museum’s collection are evidence of the pioneers’ fortitude and ingenuity in settling the area.

Investigating the Pharmacy

The beautifully reproduced drugstore itself serves as the center of the museum. Visitors are welcome to peruse the aisles and look at the goods that the inhabitants of that time might purchase. The drugstore is a treasure mine of historical antiquities, including antiquated medicines and tonics, apothecary tools, and medical equipment.

A Look at Life in the Early 20th Century

The museum provides views into Oklahomans’ daily lives outside of the drugstore in the early 20th century. Authentic period displays, including a completely furnished period bedroom, a schoolroom, and a kitchen, recreate historical scenes. These exhibits offer a multifaceted look at living at a time when the spirit of the frontier predominated.

The Pharmacy’s Function

In the past, a drugstore was used for more than just filling prescriptions. It served as the center of the neighborhood, where residents met to trade news, get medical advice, and buy necessities. The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum recreates the ambiance and mood of the era to capture this sense of community.

Medication and Pharmacy

The development of pharmacy and medicine in Oklahoma is one of the museum’s main areas of interest. Visitors can examine the evolution of pharmaceutical practice, from the age when prescription drugs first became commonplace to the present. Early 20th-century medical instruments, apothecary jars, and pharmaceutical equipment from the period offer insights into the science and art of treatment.

The Art of the Poisoner

The museum also honors the art of the apothecary by displaying the equipment and procedures that were utilized by pharmacists to make drugs. Visitors can develop a greater understanding of the ability and accuracy needed to effectively prepare pharmaceutical substances and distribute drugs.

Outreach and Education

The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum serves the community as an educational resource in addition to being a repository for historical relics. The museum offers a variety of educational projects geared on including community groups like schools. These courses provide interactive learning opportunities that bring history to life.

Preserving Regional History

In addition to its teaching initiatives, the museum is crucial to maintaining Midwest City’s and the surrounding area’s local history. In order to preserve the history of the region and preserve the accounts of its early settlers, it aggressively solicits donations of items, images, and documents relating to that history.

Community Participation

The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum interacts frequently with the neighborhood. It sponsors activities, talks, and seminars to encourage locals to learn more about the past of the area. These community events build a sense of pride and belonging, which strengthens the bond between the museum and its visitors.

A Look Back in Time

As though entering a time warp, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum is a must-see. It offers a chance to disconnect from the stress of contemporary life and lose oneself in the allure and simplicity of the early 20th century. It’s an opportunity to recognize the resourcefulness of those who came before us and the spirit of adventure that helped to define Oklahoma.


A live example of the area’s pioneering spirit, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum in Midwest City, Oklahoma, is a historical treasure trove. It takes tourists back in time and provides a look into life in Oklahoma in the early 20th century. It is more than just a museum; it is a location where history is brought to life, where the past is maintained for present and future generations, and where the neighborhood joins together to enjoy its rich heritage. The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum is here to meet your needs, whether you’re a history buff, a curious learner, or just someone looking for a special and enlightening experience.

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