There is a tranquil oasis that provides golfers and nature lovers with a special blend of relaxation and pleasure right in the middle of Midwest City, Oklahoma. The Sooner Rose Golf Village, sometimes known as “Sooner Rose,” is a perfectly planned country club and golf course that serves as a tribute to the sport’s enduring fascination and the beauty of the surrounding environment.

A Paradise For Golfers

Sooner Rose Golf Village is nothing short of a golfer’s dream for those who like the sport’s difficulty and fellowship. The course offers a rewarding golfing experience for both novices and seasoned pros thanks to its immaculately maintained fairways and testing greens. This 18-hole championship golf course is a masterpiece of golf architecture and was created to blend in with the natural terrain of the Oklahoma region.

Beautiful scenery abounds

Sooner Rose Golf Village offers more than simply a golfing experience; it offers a connection to nature as you meander through the fairways and take in the lovely surroundings. The hues of the landscape are woven together by tall trees, local grasses, and colorful wildflowers. Each round of golf provides an opportunity to re-establish contact with nature thanks to the calming sounds of the water features and the sporadic sightings of wildlife.

An Alternative to the Home

Sooner Rose Golf Village is a place of community and relaxation in addition to the golf course itself. Golfers and their families can congregate in the warm clubhouse to socialize, swap stories, and form enduring relationships. It’s a place where the conversation and friendship are as free-flowing as the drinks at the bar.

Membership Advantages

Beyond having access to the course, joining Sooner Rose Golf Village comes with a host of advantages. Members take pride in being a part of a close-knit golfing community. They enjoy special events, preferential tee times, and a number of other perks that make the club feel like a second home.

All Ages and Skill Levels Can Play Golf

The Sooner Rose Golf Village is open to players of all ages and abilities and is not only for seasoned golfers. Whether you’re a beginner junior golfer or a retiree trying to make the most of your newfound leisure time, Sooner Rose offers a warm and welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the game.

junior golf initiatives

Sooner Rose Golf Village offers junior golf programs for budding golfers that not only impart the sport’s fundamentals but also important life lessons like perseverance, focus, and sportsmanship. Through these programs, young athletes can hone their talents and cultivate a passion for the sport that will last a lifetime.

Golf Competitions and Events

Golfers have the chance to test themselves and display their abilities all year long at the tournaments and activities held at Sooner Rose Golf Village. These occasions, which range from cordial scrambles to competitive championships, promote friendly competition and friendship among the participants.

The Ideal Location for Special Events

Sooner Rose Golf Village is a beautiful location for special occasions in addition to golf. Its beautiful surroundings and exquisite clubhouse make it the perfect location for weddings, receptions, and other significant occasions. The club offers a lovely background for priceless memories, whether you’re exchanging vows outside or celebrating with loved ones inside the banquet hall.

Excellence in Dining and Culinary Art

At Sooner Rose Golf Village, the eating options are just as great as the golfing amenities. The clubhouse has a restaurant that offers a delicious selection of foods, from traditional comfort cuisine to exotic treats. The culinary options are sure to please, whether you’re toasting a successful round of golf or just having a dinner with friends and family.

Engagement in the Community and Volunteering

The focus of Sooner Rose Golf Village is community service rather than just golf. The club actively participates in charitable endeavors and community outreach, planning charity competitions and activities that aid neighborhood issues and enhance the lives of those in need.


Midwest City, Oklahoma’s Sooner Rose Golf Village is more than simply a golf course and country club; it’s a haven of unspoiled beauty, companionship, and leisure. It provides golfers with a location to refine their abilities, accept the demands of the game, and establish a connection with nature. Golfers of all ages and abilities can congregate in this friendly environment to share their enthusiasm for the game and create enduring connections. Beyond the fairways, it’s a place where important events are remembered, where culinary treats are enjoyed, and where volunteering in the neighborhood is a treasured custom. More than just a golf course, Sooner Rose Golf Village offers a way of life, a connection to nature, and a place to create cherished memories.

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